Powder Coating

We are professionally trained powder coaters that take great pride in our work. We insure the customers satisfaction prior to their product leaving our shop. We don't take short cuts in any of our process' and all our colors are sprayed by hand to give a professional finish.


Whether you want a gloss finish or a matte, a smooth finish or textured we can do it all. We encourage the customer to choose their finish to help achieve complete satisfaction.

Spray Booth

Where metal is transformed into art. Our team of dedicated sprayers spend countless hours in our 12'x15', top of the line,  Nordson spray booth bringing new life to each and every piece that enters it.


Where the magic happens. After the spray process the pieces go directly into, our 18' deep oven that has a 7'x7' opening, which allows for us to bake items of various shapes and sizes, or an abundance of pieces at the same time. 


Media Blasting

We at First Place know that prep is everything and without it you wouldn't have the quality we strive for. There are two blasters that allow for quick removal of rust, paint and powder.